Plumbers in Norfolk VA Can Solve Your Plumbing Problems Quickly and Efficiently

If you’re looking for a plumber to help you with the plumbing in your home, you might be wondering where to start. Aside from asking around, you can also search online, which will give you plenty of options. However, you should do your research so that you can hire someone who’s qualified, experienced, and specializes in your area. After all, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most for your money.


If you have a plumbing problem, it’s important to find skilled Plumbers in Norfolk VA. Whether you need your drains cleaned, your main sewer line fixed, or your flooded basement repaired, you can rely on the experts at Roto-Rooter Plumbing & Water Cleanup to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The company is known for its drain cleaning service, but the professional plumbers offer a range of other services as well. You can get a plumber to fix a flooded basement, install a new sink or faucet, repair your drywall, or even install new floors. You’ll also find that the company has a 24-hour emergency call-out service.

The plumber’s fee depends on the size of the job, the date it is scheduled, the time of day, and the location of the client. You can expect to pay between $35 and $160 for an hour’s work from a professional.


Experienced plumbers in Norfolk VA can solve your plumbing problems in a hurry. This local company has 32 employees and provides a wide array of services. They have a 24 hour emergency service and no travel charges.

While they haven’t got a monopoly on the local plumbing market, they do compete with other well-established companies. While their competition isn’t exactly friendly, they do provide their customers with quality work and a fair price. If you’re in the market for a new water heater, sink, or drain cleaner, you’ll have no problem finding a reputable plumber. The best way to find a reliable plumbing contractor is to ask for recommendations. In addition, you can also get referrals from friends and family.

Call-out fee

A call-out fee is the cost of a plumber visiting your home for a plumbing job. The fee varies depending on the type of job, your location, and the time of day. It is generally charged at a rate of around $60 per hour. However, this figure can vary depending on the company and the master plumber.

Norfolk plumbers can help you with a wide variety of plumbing needs. They can install fixtures, repair pipes, fix carpentry, and even protect your home’s water supply. Aside from fixing your clogged pipe or installing a new faucet, these professionals also help regulate wastewater and clean storm water drainage. They also offer other services, such as repairing leaky water heaters.

Typically, the call-out fee for plumbers in Norfolk VA ranges from $92 to $670. This depends on the amount of work involved, the company’s fleet costs, and other related expenses. If you need to hire a master plumber, the price can go up to double the hourly rate.

Typical job duties

Plumbers install and repair plumbing systems in homes and businesses. Their work may involve major repairs to water and gas pipelines, as well as minor repairs to drainage and sewer systems. They may also fix garbage disposal units.

They must be certified in order to perform their job duties. This is because the laws in each state are designed to protect the health of the public. Having a license gives them a competitive edge in the job market. In Virginia, the licensing process requires formal education and hands-on experience.

There are three levels of licensure in Virginia. The first is the Journeyman’s License. It requires a minimum of one year of practical experience, as well as passing a state-mandated test.

Common problems they fix

It’s a fact that plumbing is one of the most important aspects of your home. Not only does it serve as a conduit for water to flow in and out, it is also an ideal place for bacteria to multiply. It can also be a breeding ground for insects, so it’s a good idea to keep it clean and well maintained.

However, even if you have a functioning plumbing system, chances are you will run into trouble from time to time. A good rule of thumb is to have a professional inspection performed every few years. This will minimize the chance of a catastrophic failure.

Some of the more common problems are clogged drains, leaking pipes, and clogged toilets. The most reputable of these will need to be addressed by a plumber, but others are fixable on your own.